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It was originally played in the Australian bush, it tends to create a lot of excitement from
players and spectators alike.
Two coins are "tossed" into the air from a wooden board called a "Kip", the coins must
spin in the air before landing on the ground.
Bets are made by people standing in a circle around the "tossing ring" they bet on ...
2 heads up, 2 heads down, or 1 of each.

It was the MOST favourite game of the Armed Forces while serving their country.

On ANZAC Day it is legal for just that day and has become part of the ritual of the
Remembrance Day.


The Hobart Casino was the first casino established in Australia.
Affectionately known as the "Thermos"

I remember going with my daughter and visiting the TWO-UP ring.
Bettors all stood around the ring placing their bets, House against the Player.
House would invite someone to enter the circle to toss the coins.
Two-up was traditionally only for men, but with the advent of the Casino games women
were also allowed to play.
Much to my daughters horror I volunteered, and made a hopeless mess of it, when this
happens, House offers to takes over with a guarantee of a certain winnings to the tosser.
I gladly surrendered the board, and seasoned bettors all quickly changed their betting,
I wonder why ?



Two - Up

Gambling was brought to Australia with the new settlers and quickly was established
as a popular leisure activity among all social groups.
The pronounced British influence of early gambling (card games, two-up, horseracing)
was complemented during the nineteenth century by games with Asian and European
Since the 1970s commercial forms of gambling such as casinos and gaming machines
have been influenced by United States industrial practices.

Many forms of gambling that arose originally from community activities and were
subsequently prohibited (eg. off-course betting, sportsbetting,
Casino's, along with card games, have been legalised and made accessible to adults
on a daily basis.

"Two Up is" only legal one day a year - excepting at a Casino.


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