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'The Spirit of the ANZAC'

John Simpson Kirkpatrick

World War One Hero

Gallipoli - 1915

John Simpson Kirkpatrick and his donkey were well loved by the men.

He became a legend by taking his donkey into the line of fire to rescue injured
and dying soldiers.

Many times, over a period of 3 weeks, he made that journey, delivering the
wounded to the dressing station at ANZAC Cove.

Nothing daunted him, he saw a need and used his donkey to assist him.

Sadly - he was killed about one month after the ANZAC landing on the
25th April 1915.

His name and deeds became an essential part of the Gallipoli legend.

~A Quote~

'The Spirit of ANZAC is an intangible thing.

It is unseen, unpredictable, an unquenchable thirst for justice, freedom
and peace.
This phrase is synonymous with 'The Spirit of the ANZACs', which is frequently
used to describe particular actions by, and qualities of, people.

However, despite being intangible, the Spirit of ANZAC is a cornerstone
which underpins our Australian image, way of life and indeed is
an integral part of our heritage.
Can it be defined?'

~End of Quote~

To this day he is always remembered as ...

Simpson and his Donkey!


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