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Midi ~ Early One Morning


From early morning until dusk bees are always *bizy*

BUZZ! goes the bee, hour after hour,
BUZZ! goes the bee from flower to flower.

Sucking out the nectar flying it home.
Storing up the nectar in the honeycomb

BUZZ! goes the bee, making honey so sweet.
Bees makes the honey that I love to eat!

Author unknown

Bees have been managed by man for many centuries.
Bees are kept so that some of the products they
produce (e.g. honey, wax, pollen, etc.) could be harvested.
Later, the quantity and quality of some vegetable & fruit crops
grown was found to increase in the presence of bees.
This occurred because many food crops benefit from or even
rely on insect pollinations to produce seed and fruit.

Bees are a social insect with a caste system.
There is the reproductive Queen Bee, the non-productive
female workers & the reproductive males, the drones.

Did You Know That ...
There can be 30,000 to 60,000 bees in an average hive.
Pollen is a source of Protein.
The colour of new wax is white.
A bee can beat his wings up to 180 beats per second.
Bees can see Ultra-Violet, but we cannot.

The Queen Bee

A Queen Bee can lay 1,000,0000 eggs per day.
A Queen Bee's life span is 2 - 8 years.
A Queen Bee does nothing for herself, without the drones
the Queen Bee would die.
A Queen Bee only mates once in her life - up in the air - with
four or five drones. The mating kills the drones.
A Queen Bee does nothing for herself, without the drones
the Queen Bee would die.

Beware ~ the Bee Stings

If you should be stung you will have a painful, burning feeling
occur at once, with some swelling around the bitten area.
A bee sting is usually worse the next day.
Some people may have an
allergic reaction, if this happens,
quick medical attention is needed.
Basic Treatment: Remove the sting by scooping it off with a
finger nail, do not squeeze.
Bathe the area & apply ice to reduce the swelling.
Mix soluble Aspirin or Disprin with water to make a paste
and put it on the area to reduce the pain.
From the Children's Hospital at Westmead

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Bizy Buzzy Bee
Created by L Seymour in January 2001




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