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  Music playing ~~ Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do ...  

Daisy Dazydoo

"I Wept With The Eagle"
September 11th

"Fresh as a daisy" is an often used phrase but have you
ever stopped to consider *~*The Daisy*~*

It is a very simple flower with a circle of petals surrounding
an eye in the centre. Very much like a smiling face.

They welcome you each morning and gently
nod goodnight.


A short green skirt, a small white face,
A daisy in a lonely place,
A work of art, so small and fair
It makes me want to say a prayer,
So thank you God, for what I see -
A daisy, sent with love, from Thee.


*Daisy* *Daisy*, give me your answer do,
I'm half crazy, all for the love of you ~~
Now what could be better put than these words from
a very old song !!

What about that delightful book
*Please Don't Eat the Daisies*

And the Doris Day hit song of the same name

And of course ~ those wonderful hazy, lazy days spent
making daisy chains

When you fall you say *Whoopsie Daisy* and to
pick a child up you say *Upsa Daisy*

A Daisy means fun and sunshine, and *you're pretty*

Remember when you were young?, you used to give dandelions
to your Mother
A dandelion means childlike innocence, affection, and
*Your sweet.*

Daisy also rode on a bicycle built for two

Donald Duck's girl friend was called *Daisy*

And who could forget that wonderful movie
"Driving Miss Daisy"

Then there is the daisy wheel for a typewriter

There are even "Daisy Fresh" products

And the time honoured petal pulling way to find out if he loves you



Shasta ~ An old world daisy ~~ single, bold,
white with a yellow eye
Easter ~ Clusters of white or purple blooms
Othonna ~ Bright yellow, flowers in winter
English ~ White with a touch of pink,
often appears in lawns
Ox-Eye ~ European, sometimes considered a weed
Barbeton ~ South African, AKA Gerbera, pastel shades
Livingston Daisy ~ brilliant colours
Bears Ear ~ White or mauve petals with purple underside,
& also blue eyed with a circle of gold dots.


Includes ~~

Button Daisies [a tiny solid yellow ball]
Cape Weed [yellow with black eye]
Fleabane [mauve with yellow centre]
Asters [purple, mauve, pink or white]
Marguerites [pink, yellow and white]

Daisies belong to the largest of all flowering plants,
about 13.000 species.
The Michaelmas Daisy, or as we know it, the Easter Daisy,
comes from place as far apart as North America and China,
with Italy in between and it was from Italy, way back in 1575,
that the first Michaelmas Daisies found their way to England.
In those days they were called "Starwort" for their resemblance
to stars.
In France, where flowers often had a religious significance,
they have always been 'l'oeil de Christ' or the eye of Christ.
Source - M. Bligh



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