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"Preparations & Precautions"

First Things First - 1988
A girl must look her best at all times ...
Vanessa & Miranda sharing a mirror whilst cleaning their teeth.
These two are only 16 months apart in age and were taken for twins.
They did everything together as twins do - I sometimes think they
"felt" like twins.

Great Mates - 1988
Vanessa and Poppa doing what they both do well ...
Sitting - Cuddling - Chatting.
Poppa always had interesting things to teach the girls,
like sitting quietly and watching ants busy at work.

Protection - 1990
This was not only a daily chore - it was fun to do ...
At all times the girls understood that they must use protection
against the wonderful Australian Sun.
They approach it as a serious and very necessary part of
each day.


"Snug as a Bug in a Rug" - 1989
Miranda and Vanessa - first a quiet read in bed then lights out,
they each had a tent but preferred to sleep together in one
and keep their things in the other.

Ready For Sleep - 1989
Aldonna and her favourite doll settle down in a different
style tent where she can stand upright.

This is the tent that "ripped" it's roof - mentioned in a
*Peaceful Stay At Kelso" ... a story of today ...
... 12 years after this photo was taken *smiles*

 Memories are so wonderful!

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