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"Many Tasks To Be Done"
All in a day's work!

Well - Vanessa and I had been shopping.
Vanessa is now the mother of a two year old
and I am grey haired and a little (?) bit older.

Shower Time - 1983

Each child, from the moment they could walk the
distance, had to carry their own belongings for
their shower.
Shower time was usually pleasant - unless they
also had to have a shampoo

Willing hands make light work!

Besides - they always had a lot of fun helping,
I guess that means we knew how to train
them LOL

Little Helpers or? ... Wise Kids?

Maybe they thought they would get swept away!
I am sure they knew if they stayed, we would find
a job for them to do.

Family Help!

Linda getting the "Gel" treatment, when Gel first
became popular - all received this treatment in turn,
some weird and wonderful hair-do's emerged at
the end of the day.

Home Again!

But the fun continues - "all hands on deck"
scrubbing carpets in our driveway - preparing them
for storage until the next Christmas holidays.

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