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I Still Call Australia Home - Midi
Written & performed by Australia's Peter Allen

Night Owl's Home State - Tasmania

I am proud to be Tasmanian
A beautiful and (mostly) unspoilt part of the world

Come with me on a small pictorial tour around my Island State,
while listening to the song written by Australia's Peter Allen.

Tourist attractions in Tasmania are not highly developed areas,
except in the towns, other areas let their beauty
speak for itself.

Launceston is where I live, Beauty Point is near where we have our
caravan, at Kelso Sands, see the red star.
Kelso Sands Caravan Park has a river frontage on the Tamar river,
which flows into the Bass Strait.
From our caravan we can see the "Devil Cat Ferry" going down the
river to cross the Bass Strait to Victoria.

The Batman Bridge - We cross this on our trips to Kelso

Batman Bridge is named after one of our early explorers.
(No - it is not The Batman with Robin *grin*)

The bridge was built in the 1960's, it is the longest single span
bridge in the Southern Hemisphere and the World's first
"cable stayed truss bridge"

I was a new driver when the Hobart bridge catastrophe happened
at Christmas 1975, cars hung over the edge of the break in
the road, or disappeared in the waters below.


Click the picture to see more

I was so nervous driving over the Batman bridge, I developed the
habit of counting to take my mind off the terror I was feeling.
It worked to a certain degree.

Whenever my Grand Children were with me they would count too,
and I suspect they still count today, as I do, all these years later.

Kangaroo                                  Wallaby,
                                                   smaller than a Kangaroo

Wallaby with her Joey in her pouch

We have to drive very carefully at night on our country roads,
as the many Wallabies and Wombats in Tasmania are a
menace after dark.

The Tasmanian Devil
A nasty brute, and the noise it makes is deafening
when it is angry.
These I would not wish to meet in any circumstances.
Call me a coward if you like, but I prefer to stay safe
and well.


The world's first Seahorse farm at Beauty Point,
see maps above.
Read about The farm, then visit their photo album.

A very good link

Just south of Beauty Point is Beaconsfield - the small goldmining
town that we drive through on our way to Kelso Sands.
The mine has been flooded for many years and was constantly
being pumped, recently, with the technology of today, they have begun
mining for gold once more.
This brought to life another dying town that was looking quite shabby.

There had been no pride felt for the history of the town, just a despondent
acceptance of the way things were.

But today, as you drive through you see a rejuvenated and spruced up,
happy little township.
One that has not succumbed to pulling down the old and erecting the
new, rather, they have just regained a pride in themselves and
their town.
You can feel this everywhere you go.

North East Coastline                                                                 North East - Inland

Coles Bay - North East Coastline - is an idyllic place to stay and is fast
becoming a tourist attraction.

The miles of clean sand and the many challenging sand dunes give one an
ever changing adventure.
What may have been there last week is no longer, the winds blow the sand to
make changing scenes.

Nawbola Lavender Farm - Inland - is the one I feature on my
Purple Haze Site
My Purple Haze is actually built from a visit we made there years ago.
A truly beautiful feast of all things Lavender.
Please visit my Purple Haze.

Ross Historical Bridge - the 3rd oldest bridge in Australia.
Situated in the Midlands.

The bridge is totally covered in carvings done by the convicts in the early days,
these also attract many visitors even though the bridge is still in general use.
The Historical Town of Ross is now a thriving Tourist Town, tourism brought
it back to life after the up-graded Highway by-passed it.

This proves that dying towns need to get noticed for the wonderful
history they hold.

Cataract Gorge & the King Bridge           

Tea Gardens in the Gorge

20 minutes walk (if you walk fast) from the Launceston City Centre,
the gorge is a magnificent sight after a storm.

There is a winding, fenced path, all along the right hand side of the view in
the photo above, which leads you to a natural basin where it is safe
to swim.
A swimming pool has also been built in the Gorge Grounds, left hand side,
and many visiting Bands and Pop Stars hold concerts in these
grounds at night.

The Tea Gardens are situated on the right hand side and are very
popular for Weddings and other Functions.

A suspension bridge or a chair lift will take you from one side
to the other.
(too scary for me - either one of them)
Kings bridge in the foreground, is where city traffic exit to travel up
to the coast along the Tamar River.
The Tamar River Drive is a very scenic drive, and worth making
a leisurely journey along the Highway.


Wrestpoint Casino - Night & Day

This was the first Casino in Australia, built in Hobart in the early 70's, fondly called
"The Thermos"
There are coffee shops and dining areas built over the bay.
The very top is a revolving Restaurant, giving wonderful views of the Mountains,
the City and the Beautiful Derwent River.

South Of Hobart


The walls are in good condition but there is no roof.
When you stand within the walls you feel the aura of the past
enveloping you, and you wonder at the beauty that was amidst such
shame and suffering.

Our famous, or should I say infamous Penal Settlement was the site
of the horrific massacre a few years ago.

It has taken much time for the healing, but is now regaining some
of its previous attractions.

Strahan - West Coast Town

I just love these reflections in the Gordon River. Cruises are a regular
and popular pastime for all visitors.
Starting from around this point in the above photo, you travel across the
lovely Bay and then wind your way along this great and winding river.

You see trees that are not found anywhere else in the world and
you marvel at the peace and tranquillity of the Wilderness.



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