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I Still Call Australia Home

Night Owl's Country

Fauna, Flora
& Ayers Rock

Australia is a diverse and sometimes mysterious land - with a deep
spirituality associated with the indigenous people's

The 'Aboriginal Dreamtime' is that part of aboriginal culture which explains
the origins and culture of the land and its people.

Aborigines have the longest continuous cultural history of any group of
people on Earth - dating back- by some estimates - 65,000 years.

To read a Dreamtime Story - Be sure to visit the next page.

Let's begin with the world's biggest monolith.
Ayers Rock now called Uluru in the heart of Australia.

It is 9.4km around it, and about 345 metres high, and 3.6km long, 2km wide,
and is roughly oval in shape.

It is renowned for the way it changes colour in the light and is particularly
spectacular at sunrise and sunset

The colours "are true" - we could not believe it until we had seen it for ourselves.


The Wombat is a night time creature and burrows anywhere and everywhere.
They roam freely where we have our caravan - and don't we know it - we have
to clean up their droppings each time we go up to stay.

They are grass eating animals so what they leave for us is GREEN -ugh

The Koala looks like a lovely cuddly animal but in truth they are not.
They also have very long claws, needed for climbing.
They spend very little time on the ground.
They carry their young for a long time in and out of their pouch..
Sssh - they always smell highly of *pee pee*

The Dingo - mostly wild, a few *brave* people have them as friends.
The howl of a dingo at night is awesome


Our State flora emblems are beautiful, unfortunately I have only been able to get
a couple to show as a sample.
The Australian Government site has them all and I find that all other sites
use a
link to them.

I have included the link if you wish to view - it is very quick to open and, each
State link takes you to their floral emblem.
Well worth the extra click or two

 #1    #2    #3

#1 ... Tasmania ~ Blue Gum
#2 ... New South Wales ~ Waratah
#3 ... Western Australia - Kangaroo Paw



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