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Midi - Trees



Seeds of Friendship

Trees start out as a seed
and grow with time.
We planted the seeds of friendship,
and our relationship took off from there.
As our friendship continues to grow,
I appreciate every ring on my tree.
For every ring symbolises a special event,
a laugh, or even a cry.

For you have made a difference in my life.
The events we weather in life make us who we are.
And just as a tree grows roots,
we grow roots.
We develop long lasting relationships.
I want to thank you for being my roots, my stable force.
I know I can count on you.
~ Songa~

This beautiful sentiment arrived in my mailbox, thanks
to the sender, unfortunately the sender is not known
to me but I really appreciated receiving it.

 To all my cyber friendsthank you so much for
  your friendship.

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  Laurie....October 2001